Healthy execution of exercises

Live Feedback

From now on, you will always know if your customers or patients are really performing exercises correctly.
  • Feedback on incorrect execution
  • Repetition counting
  • Range of motion
  • Time under tension
  • Speed of exercise execution
Our Process

How does it work?

AI controlled training assistant

Our AI-driven personal coach gives exercisers feedback on their exercise performance during the workout. Never again wonder if exercisers are performing your exercises correctly

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Excercise Tracking

Be sure if patients and customers are completing their exercises with correct form and are thus optimally prepared for the next workout or therapy.


Profilbild Yannick

Yannick Hoffmann


Yannick started strength training in 2006 because it helped him live a healthy and pain-free life. The idea to start WeLift came to him on lockdown after setting up a gym in his basement at home and was fed up with counting repetitions and checking his form himself in the mirror. He currently works as the marketing manager at ECBM and has been instrumental in building ECBM as its third full-time employee.

Aditya Anantharaman Profil

Aditya Anantharaman

Machine Learning Developer

Aditya is a machine learning engineer with 3 years of experience in building, training and deploying deep learning models for computer vision and natural language processing.

Is it you?


For WeCoach we are still looking for an experienced CTO who can bring experience in building SAAS. 

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